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Parents are an important part of our program and are welcome in the classrooms. Parents are able to help with special enrichment activities, celebrations, special projects, as room parents, and as substitutes for absent staff. Open parent-staff communication is one of the cornerstones of quality child care because it enables us to work as partners for the best possible environment for children. Families and teachers will respect the need for daily open communication regarding pertinent information about the child. The Preschool will use a variety of methods to communicate with parents in a way that is easily understood: newsletters, classroom notes and bulletin boards, phone calls and e-mails. Parents of Infants and Toddlers can expect to receive a written daily report. Teachers and parents will maintain confidentiality about each child and their family.


Current families were sent a summer session registration email several weeks ago. If you are a current family that still needs to register for summer sessions, email ghernandez@westlakeumc.org as soon as possible. The summer session dates are listed below.

Summer session 1 - May 27 to May 31

Summer session 2 - June 3 to June 7

Summer session 3 - June 17 to June 21

Summer session 4 - June 24 to June 28

Summer session 5 - July 8 to July 12

Summer session 6 - July 15 to July 19

Summer session 7 - July 22 to July 26

Summer session 8 - July 29 to August 2

Summer session tuition will be $140.00 per full week (Monday through Friday) or $40.00 per day if registering for less than a full week.

Pizza Day Payment Information

Pizza Day Donation - Online payment option. If you would like to pay with a credit card through the preschool's square marketplace, please click the link and it will take you directly to the payment page. Choose the options that best suit your family and make your payment. You can also pay with a credit card, check or cash in the preschool office.