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Westlake United Methodist Preschool is non-discriminatory as to ethnicity, religion, gender, or disability in its enrollment or employment practices. To implement inclusive practices, we will develop appropriate training, if necessary, to prepare parents and staff to meet the needs of children and families. We respect cultural diversity. We welcome all children and strive to meet the needs of each child. The school is an extension into the community of the church's respect for human love, for worth of each individual, and for cooperation among adults as they care for children. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Children currently enrolled will have first choice during registration to continue their current placement with regard to days of the week. Those wishing to increase or decrease days will be placed on a wait list and placed, as space becomes available.

All children are required to have completed enrollment forms on file in the preschool office prior to their first day of attendance. No child is considered fully enrolled until all forms are completed and all fees are paid in full. These forms include:

Tuition Agreement

Emergency Information/Release

Preschool Policy Agreement

Medical Information (signed by physician annually)

Personal Information Form/Developmental History

All forms are issued and updated annually. Parents must provide updated immunization records as required by the Texas Department of State Health Services, Travis County.

• Parent orientation to the philosophies and program practices at Westlake United Methodist Preschool is required of families new to our program. This Parent Handbook provides written policies and procedures. Each family is required to sign a Child Care agreement that they have read the Parent Handbook and understand the program policies. This agreement will be kept on file in the Preschool Office. In addition to the agreement, we encourage families to:

* Tour the facility, visit the classroom, and meet the teachers

*Attend Parent Orientation and Open House held at the beginning of the school year

*Become familiar with our website and location of resources available to families at the Preschool. A resource library and list of services is available in the Preschool Office. Current support group opportunities or family trainings are posted on the Bulletin Boards in the foyer and by the office.