Here's what former WUMP parents are saying about....

Our playground

"You have the best playground/garden area of any church preschool I have ever seen. It is a gem and a huge asset to the school."

WUMP's Pre-k Program

"I love the play-based curriculum. My child "graduated" from Pre-k with a great sense of confidence."

"...the wonderful friends and teacher. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect balance in a Pre-k program."

"I couldn't have imagined a more fun, positive, Pre-k experience!"

"We're very happy with the Pre-k class and program. You did a great job getting (our daughter) ready for kindergarten."

"(Our daughter) was comfortable and happy making the transition to Elementary. She had a good knowledge of all skills necessary to start school successfully."

Marci William, lead teacher, M-F pre-k

"...creates an amazingly inviting classroom, where there is a perfect balance of structure and nurture. She truly understands each child's strengths and needs and fosters them in her class. Outstanding teacher!"

" amazing. She is so attuned to each child's needs and makes sure they are met. She is such a nurturing and supportive educator."

" incredible! She is tuned in to each student on every level."

Helen Sun, co-teacher, 3's class

"...helps establish a loving, caring classroom environment."

" so calm and pleasant. She is so welcoming and makes the children feel so comfortable in the classroom."

" kind, loving and very aware of the children's needs and personalities."

Kim Mear, co-teacher, MWF infant class

" patient, kind, and understands developmental needs and differences."

" compassionate and brings out the best in our child."

"...shows genuine interest in the class and provides nurturing, positive experiences and environment."

Cristela Hernandez, lead teacher, 2's class

"...truly cares about which each child is going through. She is kind, loving, and observant of needs."

"...amazes me with her knowledge of child development. I have learned so much from her."

Barbara Southward, lead teacher, 3's class

"...has a good balance of gentle/loving and firm/in control. She is even-tempered and consistent."

"...gentle, kind and loving towards the children. She has such a beautiful connection with her class.

Laura Clark, lead teacher, MWF 2's class

" so kind and nurturing! She clearly loves and respects children. We are grateful!"

" so kind and caring. She helps make the classroom environment so warm and nurturing."