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Gina Spaulding

Gina Hernandez has taught at WUMP for more than ten years, most of them in the Older 3’s classroom. This is her fifth year working in the office as the assistant director. Gina was born in California, raised in Maryland and has lived in many places in between. Austin is where she has lived the longest and where she feels the most at home. Gina was a stay at home mom to her only child, a daughter, until her daughter began kindergarten and then found herself searching for a meaningful way to fill her time but not lose the ability to care for her child. At WUMP she found a wonderful place to work that understands the importance of family and the value of play. In the ten years that Gina has worked at WUMP she has acquired and renewed her CDA, studied for and received her director’s license and recently graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor's degree in Psychology.

She says:

"While I miss the classroom and the ability to plan activities and explore with the kids on a daily basis it has been great to spend time with all of the different age groups this year and make connections with kids and parents whom I may never have had the opportunity to get to know in the past. I love being able to come in every day and feel that I am helping, not only my director, but also all of our wonderful staff to make everyday fun, happy and safe for the kids in our care."