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Diane Kofahl

Diane fell in love with Austin while attending The University of Texas where she completed a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education. After graduating she moved to Los Angeles for her Masters in Theology where she met her husband Jonathan. They moved to Austin together in 2012 and have enjoyed making Westlake their home. They have two kids who have both enjoyed going through the WUMP program, with their second in the current Pre-K class at WUMP.

Diane worked with middle and high schoolers as the Youth Director at Westlake United Methodist Church here on campus for 10 years. She found joy observing and interacting with any preschool activities on campus. For the 2021 and 2022 school years Diane decided to go back to her love of teaching littles and became a regular substitute at WUMP. She has truly enjoyed interacting with all the kiddos and has been in awe of the teachers at every age level at WUMP. With her 7 years of experience as a parent at WUMP, and her growing passion for teaching and guiding the kids through their growth and development, Diane is excited to join the Toddler team.

She says, "I so enjoy seeing not only the huge developmental change of these sweet toddlers from the beginning of the year to the end but also their understanding, exploration, and joy they find in the world as their personality and passions come through. Thank you, parents, for sharing them with us. It is a privilege."