Claire Cummings

Hi, my name is Claire Cummings and I’m so thrilled to be at WUMP! I have been working with children for over 16 years and can honestly say It is my passion. I have two beautiful daughters Merci and Meli who are the absolute loves of my life. My husband and I have been living in Austin for 12 years, however we decided to move to Westlake Hills a little over a year ago and we love it. WUMP is the icing on top. My degree focus is nursing however my compassion and caring extends further than the hospital. I believe all children are loving, smart and deserving of the space to be a fun, witty playful individual, while they grow and learn.

My focus with toddlers is exploration and play. Exploring the inside and outside world (with supervision, of course) is important for toddlers' emotional, social, and physical development. They learn more about the world and how it works. It's one thing to see an orange, but it's another to hold it in your hand, feel it’s cool, smooth surface, smell its fragrance, maybe even taste it. That development is all the better if you ask questions: What color is it? Is it big or little?

It is my belief that exploring also gives toddlers a chance to work on important motor skills. Whether it's kicking a ball or climbing stairs, they can persist until they get it right. Doing so not only adds skills, but it also boosts their sense of confidence and competence. In other words, they begin to think: "I can do it!"