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Carolyn Daily

toddler co-teacher

"I am excited to be teaching in the toddler class this year with Ms. Missa. While I was born and raised just outside of Austin, I spent the first ten years growing as an educator in California. After graduating from UT with a Bachelor of Science degree and teaching credential from the College of Education, I decided to take on the adventure of moving to a new city, Los Angeles. There I began teaching for on the largest school systems in the nation, The Los Angeles Unified School District, where I taught pre-k through 3rd grade. Although the transition from the small town of Buda, Texas to a large urban metropolis was challenging, I learned so much about myself, appreciating the diverse landscape of cultures in the LA area.

In addition to my role as a lead teacher, I have worked with children on many other levels, as a nanny, a tutor, a behavioral therapist, and as a parent. In 2012, I took a leave to celebrate motherhood after having my daughter. Then in June of 2013, I returned to Austin with my daughter to be closer to my family and to rediscover this city as an adult. On my off time, I'm drawn to the vast number of nature areas to hike and kayak, and to the Austin music spirit, as seen with the many festivals and concerts. As I continue to lay my roots in Austin, I look forward to nurturing my professional career as an educator. As both a teacher and a parent, I have had the opportunity to learn from many children over the years. They have taught me that they have a natural desire to explore the world around them, and I look forward to facilitating this curiosity here to WUMP."