+ Physical 

Physical development is an equally important goal to the child's total developmental process. Developments of large and small muscles in the child's body help not only in the attainment of coordination, but also with self-confidence, self-control, and independence. Fine motor skills are necessary before a child can write and manipulate scissors, etc. Westlake United Methodist Preschool provides a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for development, such as:

  • playground and gym apparatus for large muscle growth; climbing, sliding, crawling, and balancing;
  • wheel toys, blocks for building, sand pile;
  • housekeeping materials and furnishings;
  • hammer, nails, and wood for carpentry;
  • balls, ropes, beanbags, toss toys;
  • painting, clay, scissors, manipulative toys; pencils, crayons, markers, and musical instruments, musical games and finger plays.
  • Screen time is NOT part of our daily routine and may be used ONLY for brief periods to enhance or support a curriculum topic.